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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment




Softeners GAMMA 3 are made with the utmost attention to the overall dimensions: in particular, the models for home use (up to 30 liters of resin) are manufactured in facilities block, cabin cruisers, compact and easy-to-housing


The use of high quality materials and care in the dimensions and in assemblies, RANGE 3 softeners to ensure a high level of reliability.


The resins are regenerated under volumetric control allows a good save water and salt; also good value/purchase price of the equipment is really affordable systems GAMMA 3.



All ion exchange softeners have the function to reduce the lime in the water by means of restraining resins called " ion exchange " . To do this , however, have need to regenerate periodically using a brine of salt and water ; operation that involves a consumption of salt is that of water. The water softeners range 3 have the volumetric control , that is to assess the real passage of water (unlike the timed system in which the regenerations are scheduled at certain times ), this criterion ensures lower consumption of salt and water , as well as the maximum duration of the resins. In volumetric valve is present a counter precision that detects the volume of treated water to the passage . This data is stored or on a totalizer (models SVM ) or in an electronic memory ( models and SVE SVE-X). The valve being programmed in the testing phase , depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated, this will automatically determine the best time for regeneration which however will be at a preset time . Regeneration occurs in 4 major steps: backwash , brine suction and slow rinse , quick wash , returning water to the brine.


Softeners Series SVM are managed by a control volume electromechanical control. The result is a product very advanced yet easy manageability, ensuring high reliability and minimum dimensions being all in one body cabin.



SVE-mx 1"
previewThe SVE-mx series softeners are managed by an electronic control volume. Equipment suitable for small and medium-size (max 30 lt resin), are equipped with high versatility with regard to the management of regenerative phases. This allows a saving of salt and water up to 50% compared to any softener-time. Furthermore, the maximum reduction of mechanical parts in movement ensures low noise and minimal wear.

SVE-x 1"1/4
previewSofteners Series SVE are managed by an electronic control volume. This allows a saving of salt and water up to 50% compared to any softener-time. Compared to the serious EVS-m can provide higher flow rates both service and backwash; also the maximum reduction of moving parts ensures low noise and minimal wear.



SVE residential
Series SVE residential softeners are automatic programming with volumetric (optional also timed) electronics. Thanks to the technology used, these devices are extremely reliable, inter alia, ensuring minimum consumption of salt and water. In fact, each regenerative phase can be set in order to optimize the yields and to adapt to any type of situation. The use of resins with high exchange capacity and cylinders conforming to European standards for non-toxic PE reinforced with glass fiber, complete the description of a technologically very advanced.





The softeners of the industrial series SVE are designed and sized according to the specific needs of the user; combining the use of automatic valves for service and regeneration cycles, with pneumatic and electric valves for other accessory functions.
The tanks used are of the type with PE liner reinforced with VTR, while the connecting pipes between the modules are partially made of TIG-welded stainless steel and partially in PVC.



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