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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

RO CUBIC-S2 demineralizers for laboratory



A different model for each user's needs

The RO CUBIC-S2 line provides the possibility to adapt each device to the individual user's needs.
Indeed RO CUBIC-S2 is controlled by an electronic PLC control unit with a brand new dedicated software and can manage all active functions and control of the machine (it is therefore possible by the user to request specific changes that are better adapted to their requirements) and a regulator of the quality of water supplied depending on the intended use.


2 models

- RO 15 CUBIC-S2                  15 lt/h
- RO 30 CUBIC-S2                  30 lt/h


RO CUBIC-S2 base - purified water produced only with reverse osmosis process

 ISO 3696  grade 3  grade 2
 ASTM  Type   III  Type II
 NCCLS  Type   III  Type II
 EP/USP  conform (W/filtro 0,2m)  conform

EL. SPEC. CONDUCIBILITY AT 25°C (d) 0.2-3 MicroS/cm - EL. SPEC.RESISTIVITY AT 25°C (d2)  10-18,2 MOhm.cm

4 stages of purification

- sediment micro-filter
- reverse osmosis whit booster pump
- mixed bed resins whit different purity grade for different quality water product
- anti bacteria micr-filter 0,2 micron (opzional for model /d2)

4 operating modes

- manual ON/OFF
- automatic ON/OFF whit 2 sensor levels for storage tank (min/max)
- manual ON and automatic OFF (whit sensor level for storage tank)
- manual ON and OFF whit flow-meter (opzional and  volume preset)

A simple and efficient control panel

The RO CUBIC-S2 line is equipped with an efficient control panel in the front and easily viewable by the operator.

- 2 manometers (pressure feed water, operating pressure), steel case and glycerine
- Digital conductivity meter for monitoring the quality of water supplied; wide LCD diplay, possibility to remote the measured value with the output 4-20 mA configurable
- PLC control unit with LCD display
- Cumulative fault warning light (low pressure, replacement pre filter, water quality, replacing anti bacterial filter when present


- HPLC (d2)
- Spettrofotometric analisys atomic absortion (d2)
- Preparations/diluitions reagents (d-d2)
- Qualitative colorimetric analysis (d)
- feed ultra-pure water systems, boilers, etc. (base-d)
- feed glassware washer (base-d)
- feed steam generators (base-d)
- feed ultrasonic systems, thermostatic baths (base-d)


 - min. feed pressure bar  2,5      - TDS max 500 ppm
 - max. feed pressure bar  4,0        - HD max    30  °F
 - max. operative pressure bar  8,0    - Iron max  100  ppb
 - temp. of water to be treated °C 5-35    - Manganese max     5  ppb
 - hidraulic connection IN pipe PE 8    - Chlor max  0,1  ppm
  OUTpipe PE  6    - total Bacteria max  5 UFC/ml
  DRAIN pipe PE  6    - SDI <       5
 - alimentazione elettrica  V  220 ac      


 Storage tank PE-HD  lt. 25, 50, 100, 200    Lenght 65 cm 
 BOOSTER PUMP for pressure line water product      Width 37 cm
 Debatterrizzatore a raggi UV      Height 60 cm
 Anti bacteria filter 0,2 micron        
 Flow meter integrated in PLC      Weight max  30 kg




(water produced for trace analysis)

The increasing demand in laboratories for the analysis of demineralised water with a high degree of purity, both from a chemical and organic point of view, has made it necessary to create a specific accessory for finishing the salt content, until the state of ultrapure water is reached, suitable for trace chemical analysis.
This appliance which can be installed at the exit of demineralizers of the RO CUBIC S2 line in the d2 version which already guarantees a degree of purity of the water produced equal to 2 according to ISO 3696.
After the passage on the 3 columns of resin put in series, the water quality is monitored by means of a digital resistivity meter with reading in MOhm.com and subsequently filtered on a 0.2 micron cartridge with antibacterial screen function, as well as for the removal of any traces of metal oxides left in suspension.
After the treatment described above, the water supplied may have a specific electrical resistivity up to 18.2 MOhm.com.



In order to identify the level of purity necessary for each specific use, an indicative table is given of the definitions relating to the various grades.

1 mg / lt = 1 ppm = 1000 ppb it is also specified that it is not possible to make certain predictions on the concentration of each individual
electrolyte, in the case it is necessary to subject the drawn water to production to a competent chemical analysis.


print RO CUBIC S2 base

print  RO CUBIC S2 d & d2


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