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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

OSMO LAB 2 - demineralizer for laboratory



ISO 3696 gradE 3    - TDS max  500 ppm
ASTM Type III    - HD max  30 °F
NCCLS (c/filtro 0,2 mcr) Type III     - Iron max  100 ppb
EP/USP(c/filtro 0,2 mcr)  conf.     - Manganese max  5 ppb
       - Chlor max  0,1 ppm
   - total Bacteria max  5 UFC/ml

0,2-3 microS/cm

    - SDI   < 5

A simple and versatile instrument indispensable in the laboratory

OSMO LAB 2 is a demineralizers able to produce pure water of Grade 3, suitable for all general purpose of a laboratory analysis. Its simplicity of operation and its versatility makes it an extremely reliable and therefore indispensable.
OSMO LAB 2 can be powered directly from the water network and its functioning exploits the pressure.
The water produced is stored in a tank in PE lt 25 (standard), but can also be equipped with a pressure system with 2 dispenser from which you can take is to use purified water accessories, water pure Grade 3 . The two types of tanks can be connected simultaneously.

Careful use of space

In modern laboratories the spaces available are increasingly reduced, so OSMO LAB 2 can be easily accommodated even in places not very accessible (inside furniture, wall hanging, local secondary). The user will have available on a work bench or more tanks, one or more reservoirs in PE HD with capacities from 25 to 100 lt; one or more storage tanks under pressure, with a reserve of 9-10 liters of water and 2 dispenser , the operation of the still fully automatic.


4 purification stages

> microfilter anti sediments
> reverse osmosis
> Ion excange resins, mixed bed
> microfiltrer 0,2 micron anti bacteria (optional and only applicable to pressure tank with dispenser)


 - DAILY PRODUCTION  Lt 80-90   - General laboratory uses
 - min/max. feed pressure  bar 2,5-4,5   - Glass works rinsing
 - feeed water temperature  °C 5-35   - Preparation / diluting of reagents
 - HOURLY PRODUCTION  lt/h 3-4   - Colorimetric and qualitative analyses
 - Hydraulic connection  IN rilsan 6/4   - Feeding of thermostatic baths
   OUT rilsan 6/4   - Feeding of glass works washers
   DRAIN rilsan 6/4    
 - ELECTRIC POWER  V 220 ac/12 ac    



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