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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment


The deferrizers series DFTE, DFTE-p and QFTE  are fully automatic systems whose filter bed is defined as a function of the overall characteristics of the water to be treated; usable materials as filter beds are the following:

Pirolusite. Is the common name for the mineral manganese dioxide. IS a mineral extraction with weight content of 40 to 85% of manganese dioxide. With the treatment of pyrolusite you can achieve a degree of iron removal in excess of 20 mg/l.
The pyrolusite is an oxidizing material with high specific gravity of about 4.0.
It can be used in two ways:- Along with the sand and anthracite, in varying percentages (Series QFTE), to combine the filtering power of the sand with the oxidizing properties of pyrolusite;- Using the 100% of pyrolusite (series DFTE) in an adequate filter for oxidation and filtration.No need for chemical regeneration.
No need for chemical regeneration. Requires backwashing better if with insufflation of air, for a correct operation of the filter.

Birm (Burgess Iron Removal Method). Birm is produced through the activation of manganese salts to saturation on a sand of aluminum silicates . Following the manganese ions are oxidized in the solid form with potassium permanganate . To ensure the functionality of the oxidant birm is necessary the presence of dissolved oxygen (DO ) in the water to be treated and the alkalinity should be greater than twice the combined concentration of sulphates and chlorides. It may be necessary also be bubbled air to have a dissolved oxygen content that exceeds at least 15% of the iron content, especially if the water to be treated has a concentration of Fe > 3.0 mg / l .
Is the dissolved oxygen oxidizes the iron , while the Birm acts as a catalyst that enhances the reaction between oxygen, dissolved iron and manganese .4-5 mg/l."Birm can not be used for water containing H2S or organic matter concentration > 4-5 mg / l. Chlorination reduces the efficiency of Birm and lowers considerably its catalytic properties .
For Birm is not necessary No chemical or regeneration.

The absolute non-toxicity and the particular characteristics of these iron removal, make it one of the most common treatment techniques in Europe and the United States. Moreover, thanks to the remarkable versatility of the pilot valves, it is possible to intervene on both the timing and flow of backwashing so as to adapt each plant to the specific water to be treated and the needs of the user.


 Models of DFTE series

 MODEL capacity diameters I/O  electric power  dimensions
  (lt) (incs) V-AC  cm 
DFTE 35 35 1 220-24 88(h)x25(d)
DFTE 55 55 1 220-24 165(h)x34(d)
DFTE 85 85 1 220-24 195(h)x35(d)
DFTE 110 100 1-1/2 220-24 195(h)x40(d)

  Models of DFTE-p series

 MODEL capacity diameters I/O  electric power  dimensions 
  (lt)  (incs) V-AC  cm
DFTE-p 110 110 1-1/2 220-24 193(h)x40(d)
DFTE-p 150 150 1-1/2 220-24 195(h)x50(d)
DFTE-p 250 250 1-1/2 220-24 195(h)x55(d)


Models of INDUSTRIAL series

This series of filters is specifically designed for plant engineering, depending on the precise needs of use and quality of the water to be treated.
The containers used are of the type with a perforated plate in carbon steel Teflon coated internally and enamelled externally with polyurethane varnish.
The pilot valves are of the hydraulic membrane type with inclined seat, pneumatic control, 2 ways.
In the case of duplex or modular realizations in general, the connection pipes between the elements are made of TIG-welded stainless steel; the flow opening and closing valves used are of the butterfly type sandwich between flanges.
The general control panel, built according to the safety regulations in force, uses a PLC, capable of managing the service and washing phases and is interfaced with a touch screen keypad, for real-time display of the system's operating status.
As a rule, these designs include INOX sock filters both in input (sand protection) and outgoing (as safety).





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