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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

OSMO LAB UPW3 - demineralizer for laboratory



 Spectro-photometric analysis in atomic absorption    ISO 3696  grade 2
 Reagents preparation/dilution    ASTM  Type II
 Colorimetric and qualitative analysis    NCCLS (w/antibacteria final filter)  Type II
 Feeding of ultra-pure water systems, surge tanks, etc.    EP/USP(w/antibacteria final filter)  conf.
 Feeding of glass works washers      
 Feeding of steam generators   SPEC. EL. RESISTIVITY AT 25°C  
 HPLC Cromatography   10-18,2 MOhm.cm


A complete system of water purification indispensable in any laboratory

Thanks to the possibility of delivering two types of water at the same time, OSMO LAB UPW 3 is an increasingly indispensable tool for most needs in small and medium-sized analysis laboratories.

Careful use of space

In modern laboratories the spaces available are increasingly reduced; for this reason OSMO LAB UPW 3 can be easily housed in places that are not very accessible (inside furniture, hanging on the wall, ancillary rooms). The user will have the pressurized accumulation tank available on the workbench, with a water reserve of 8-9 liters net, on which there are 2 dispensers for the differentiated withdrawal of purified or pure grade II water. It is also possible to optionally connect 2 or more storage tanks even far from each other, OSMO LAB UPW 3 will manage them automatically anyway.

High quality water with low production costs

OSMO LAB UPW 3 is able to produce demineralized water with a degree of purity much higher than the minimum standards required for GRADE II, while maintaining very low production costs: in fact, OSMO LAB UPW 3 is fed directly from the aqueduct network without normally special pre-treatments; the purified water for auxiliary laboratory uses is produced only with the reverse osmosis method (without consumable materials for demineralization), while the pure GRADE II water is obtained with 2 different types of resins with a high degree of purity that allow high performance demineralization from the beginning to the end of their cycle.
The quality of the water produced is monitored using a digital conductivity meter, with a visual alarm of both purified and demineralized water with alarms that indicate the need to replace the ion exchange resins or the membrane.


 > purified water for technical uses

> pure water GRADE II (conf. ISO 3696)


> sediment microfiter

> reverse osmosis

> pure resin 1 and ultra pure resin 2

> anti bacteria microfilter 47 mm (opzional)


> Conductivity water produced

> Alarm for change resins and membrane RO


- DAILY PRODUCTION until 100 lt demi   - TDS max 500 ppm
  until 200 lt purified   - HD max  30 °F 
- min. feed pressure bar 2,0    - Iron max  100 ppb 
- max feed pressure bar 4,0    - Manganese max  5 ppb 
- max operative pressure  bar 6,0    - chlor max  0,1 ppmax
- feed water temperature °C 5-35    - Tot. Bacteria max  5 UFC/ml 
- HOURLY PRODUCTION lt/h 8-10    - SDI  < 5 
- ELECTRIC POWER  V 220 ac / 24 ac   
- hydraulic connection IN/OUT/DRAIN tubo PE 6/4       



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