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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

Ionic exchange filters


The models AVE series are ion exchange filters in sodium cycle, and are designed for the removal of the major anions present in water intended for human consumption (nitrates, nitrites, sulphates, sulphites, silicates, phosphates, etc..). These devices are equipped with an automatic valve, managed by an electronic timer under volumetric control, be able to customize the duration of the phases regenerative; in order to optimize both the duration of the work cycles, both to minimize the consumption of water and salt per regeneration.
You can also make a version with a particular selectivity for nitrates.
The AVE-AS model is a device specifically designed for the removal of arsenic through the use of special resins which have good affinity towards this pollutant.
The removal of arsenic can be calculated in the order of 80-90% for initial concentrations of 100-150 ppb.



MODEL MAX flow production hydraulic connection
AVE 75 40 lt/min att. E/U 1"
AVE 75-As 30 lt/min att. E/U 1"
AVE 100-1 60 lt/min att. E/U 1"
AVE 100-1-As 50 lt/min att. E/U 1"
AVE 100-11/2 80 lt/min att. E/U 1"1/2
AVE 100-As-11/2 70 lt/min att. E/U 1"1/2
AVE 200 120 lt/min att. E/U 1"1/2
AVE 200-As 100 lt/min att. E/U 1"1/2

Larger systems or with different characteristics may be quoted on request


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