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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

Our services

Analisys  chemical and microbiological

Our laboratory performs tests on samples of water as well as chemical microbiological.

  • Analysis of suitability for human consumption
  • Analysis wastewater, according to drain or discharge into water bodies surface
  • Analysis of swimming pool water, for bathing Indonesia
  • Functional Verification of water treatment equipment
  • SDI Calculation (index of membrane dirty) water for feed of Reverse osmosis plants.

Design Plants Treatment

Our technical staff performs feasibility studies, design and dimensioning of equipment in critical water conditions.
These facilities will be calculated at discontinuous cycle (wash interruption for regeneration) is a continuous cycle (supply treated water 24 hours out of 24).     

Functions automation plants adapted to the needs of customer
Using the PLC logic modules for many of our equipment, we can make software to specific user needs.
The PLC logic modules we used are interfaced with the PC, and easily reprogrammable and upgradeable over time. 

Technical assistance

On all of our facilities provide an efficient service for technical assistance throughout the country.
Supply spare parts and consumables; Scheduled routine maintenance
Routine scheduled maintenance; Urgent even within 24 hours after the call

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