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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

RO CUBIC-S2 reverse osmosis purifiers



A device for differential users needs

The RO CUBIC-S2 line provides the possibility to adapt each device to the individual user's needs.
Indeed RO CUBIC-S2 is controlled by an electronic PLC control unit with a brand new dedicated software and can manage all active functions and control of the machine (it is therefore possible by the user to request specific changes that are better adapted to their requirements) and a regulator of the quality of water supplied depending on the intended use.

2 models

- RO 15 CUBIC-S2                  15 lt/h
- RO 30 CUBIC-S2                  30 lt/h

4 stages of purification

- anti-sediment microfilter
- reverse osmosis whit booster pump
- UV ray sterilizer (optional)
- anti-bacteria microfilter 0,2 micron (optional)

4 operating modes

- ON/OFF manual
- ON/OFF automatic with 2 sensor level in the storage tank (min/max)
- ON manual and OFF automatic (with sensor level in the storage tank)
- ON manual and OFF with flow-meter (opzional and with volume predeterminated)

A control panel easily and efficiently

The RO CUBIC-S2 line is equipped with an efficient control panel in the front and easily viewable by the operator.

-  2 manometers (pressure feed water, operating pressure), steel case and glycerine
-  Digital conductivity meter for monitoring the quality of water supplied; wide LCD diplay,
   possibility to remote the measured value with the output 4-20 mA configurable
-  PLC control unit with LCD display
-  Cumulative fault warning light (low pressure, replacement pre filter, water quality,
   replacing anti bacterial filter when present.


 - MIN. feed pressure bar  1,5      - TDS max 500 ppm
 - MAX. feed pressure bar  4,0        - HD max    30  °F
 - MAX. operative pressure bar  8,0    - Ferro max  100  ppb
 - range of temp. water to be treated °C 5-35    - Manganese max     5  ppb
 - hydraulic connections IN pipe PE 10    - cloro max  0,1  ppm
  OUT pipe PE  6    - Batteri tot. max  5 UFC/ml
  DRAIN pipe PE  6    - SDI <       5
 - electric power  V  220 ac      


 Storage tank in PE-HD  lt. 25, 50, 100, 200    Lenght  65 cm 
 Group of repressurization BOOSTER      Width 37 cm
 UV ray sterilizer      Height 60 cm
 Anti-bacteria filter 0,2 micron        
 flow-meter     weight of the pack 30 kg

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