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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

RO 400 mp EL - reverse osmosis purifier

Purifiers reverse osmosis RO 400 EL  are designed to produce demineralized water with a high degree of purity for technical uses or drinking. All devices are mounted on stainless steel frame and on request can also be paneled sides. The water obtained can be considered of high quality not only in terms of salt but also from the organic (average decrease 97/98%).
The RO 400 EL  are managed by an electronic control unit made with PLC interfaced with PC technology, able to directly control all machine functions: pump pressure relief valve, alarm and block machine for minimum pressure in the network, detecting on-line conductivity of the water produced, water quality alarm, possibility of manual operation or management level in the storage tank at 2 floats (minimum and maximum level), or, finally, dosage volume.
Depending on the intended use (for technical or food) will be studied the appropriate equipment provided (repressurization pump, UV lamp, anti-bacterial filter, etc.).


 - operative pressure RO elements    bar 8-9
 - min. feed pressure    bar 2,5
 - max. feed pressure    bar 5,5
 - range of temperature water to be treated    °C 5-35
 - HOURLY PRODUCTION    lt/h 400
 - hydraulic connections IN
 - electric power    V AC 380


 TDS  ppm       500    Lenght  max cm 53
 Total Hardness   °F            30    Width  max cm 64
 Iron  ppb        100    Height  max cm 137
 Manganese  ppb           5      
 Chlor  ppm        0,1      
 SDI                 <5        
 Total bacteria tot. UFC/ml                 <5      


Storage tanks PE HD, anti-dust system with a capacity of 500, 1000, 2000 liters regulated by 2 magnetic sensors levels, one in principle (block) and a minimum (restart production) compatible with the PLC software. a third sensor can be installed to indicate a level below the minimum due to accidental stop of the plant.

Support for the storage tank. Stainless steel AISI 304, complete with support for lower repressurization pump (if required).

Function flow meter, managed directly by the PLC, to achieve precision coverages. The external signal 'provided by a water meter Teflon-coated, the start of the machine is manual. The setting of the volume is easily adjustable using the keypad.

Repressurization pumps, both type pump in stainless steel, 220V power supply and control board for automatic operation.

UV sterilizer, made with outer jacket in AISI 304 or 316 on request, complete germicidal lamp, quartz and ballast power. 24 Vac power supply (power supply included).Can be installed on the water line produced or system recovery in pressure.

Anti-bacterial filter, composed of a 2-piece container, vessel inspection and transparent PE pleated cartridge, having a degree of 0.2 micron absolute filtration.

Description of the control panel

The electrical panel is in IP 65, is run entirely by PLC interfaced with PC, both for programming and for self-diagnosis of the operational phases. There is also a digital conductivity meter operation and reading, to 2 decimal places, for reading online the quality of the water produced..

You can use the camera in manual mode, in which the start-up and stop are operated by the operator, or automatically with level control tank with 2 sensors (min, max).

A visual highlight the various types of alarm: water quality due to depletion membranes; need replacement cartridge pre-filter sediment or post-filter 0.2 microns (optional).

Operational characteristics of the control panel

Direct management of the operational elements:
- solenoid valve input
- pump overpressure
- flushing system Programmable membrane
- Program protection through password
- Displaying messages and data on LCD display
- Timer programming function can only be set PC (optional)


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