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Sistemi per il trattamento dell'acqua
      water system treatment

UPW REFINER eco - apparatus for the production of ultrapure water - grade 1

ULTRAPURE WATER obtained by means of a treatment chip in the storage container


 ISO 3696 grade 1    Length cm 21 
 ASTM Type I   Width  cm 25 
 NCCLS Type I   Height cm 50 
 EP/USP conform      
 ELECTRIC. SPEC. RESISTIVITY 25°C 18,2 MOhm.cm   Dry Weight kg 7


A simple and reliable device to produce grade 1 ultra pure water

UPW REFINER eco has been designed for all those analysis laboratories that need not excessively large volumes of ultrapure water (up to 2 liters). This water can be prepared directly in the storage container, which can be either the bottle with emery cap supplied, or normal flasks with normalized mouth 29-32, with a maximum capacity of up to 2 liters.

To start the purification chip is very simple: just fill the bottle with demineralized water (minimum grade 3 according to ISO 3696, produced by a reverse osmosis system and resins or by distillation) and press the start button on the front panel.
When the quality obtained is satisfactory, the green resistivity indicator light turns on and the treatment is finished.


Ultra pure grade 1 water production through 2 types of purification

  • Purification with ion excange resins for ultrapures applications
  • Foto oxidation with UV ray


Ease of operation and reserve protected from pollution that can be easily stored 

UPW REFINER eco is very simple to use: just press the start button, the yellow light of the purification chip turns on and you just have to wait for the water quality to reach the desired quality.
Moreover, thanks to the normalized connection cone, it offers the possibility of storing the water produced, without fear of pollution derived from the external environment.


Table 1 - technical features


- maximal production for processing cylce Lt/h 0,5 (according to the quality of origin)
- precision resistivimeter 0,1 MOhm.cm
range of temperature water to be treated  °C 5-35
- electric power supply V-AC 220-24 AC


Table 2 - Requirements of Water feed


- Electrical Spec. Conductivity at 25°C max 5 microS/cm
- HD max 0,1 °F
- chlor max 0,1 ppm
- Total Bacteria max 5 UFC/ml
- SDI < 5


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